Teen Titans – A TV review

Marvel rules the superhero genre on the big screen and has been making great strides on the small one too. DC as a brand is lagging behind but this is changing and whilst Netflix has kicked Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Ironfist to the kerb it has supported the production of Teen Titans.

Most people may be more aware of the children’s cartoon version of Teen Titans, this new live action version is definitely not one for the kids. The violence is ramped up to 10 as is the sex and swearing nevertheless the first season is a fun romp.

The show focuses mostly on Dick Grayson, Batmans side kick Robin. Dick has left Batman, feeling himself loosing himself to the job of crime fighting, ironically he takes a job as a cop and becomes involved with protecting Raven, a girl with extraordinary powers who is being hunted.

Throw in Beast Boy leaving Doom Patrol and an Alien with amnesia and you have the core team. They are supported by other heroes, Hawk and Dove, Wonder Girl and the new Robin.

The show explores Dicks pursuit of balancing his talents and what violence does to him and as with many young superheros addresses how they struggle to handle their powers whilst growing up. Beast boy coming to terms with what he can do as a Tiger is done particularly well.

The story line is engaging and despite the heavy tone handled with some elements of light relief. Anna Diop is excellent as StarFire and plays the role with real sophisticated menace and poise, likewise Brenton Thwaites makes a good Dick Grayson.

On the downside the season comes to something of an abrupt halt on a cliffhanger with no information of a second season on the horizon yet. The ending felt too much like a mid-season hiatus rather than a season closer and it is somewhat of a let down, building things up to a crescendo and then pulling the stop cord.

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