Star Trek: Discovery – Saints of Imperfection

We are now getting deep in to Season 2 and things are still progressing well for Discovery in terms of storytelling. Whilst there remain elements of the series that need work this episode feels like Star Trek and looked amazing.

Focusing for once on a single plot we got to see where Tilly had gone and explore the mycelial network in greater detail. Slowly we are beginning to see why the spore drive is unsuitable for travel and we have discovered a whole new realm of life.

It was great to see Tilly in action alongside Stammet’s, although Burnham’s presence was unnecessary. I know she is the star of the show but it would be nice to allow other characters to shine alone.

The plot was fairly standard and it came as no surprise that Dr Colber was in the network, having said that there was a feeling of threat in the mycelial network especially when the Discovery started to slip into the network fully. One aspect that still irks me is the ubiquity of Section 31. For a covert operation they are very overt. My head canon now has the organisation trying to be legitimate but ultimately being shut down and disavowed with rogue agents continuing the work.

Michelle Yeoh continues to shine as former Empress Georgiou although I do wish the character was the prime version and not the mirror one. I felt we never got to see enough of the real Georgiou and whilst the Empress is fun shes a little too panto villain for Star Trek.

The special effects in the episode were fantastic. Discovery looked amazing and we got to see more of the Section 31 ship. Best of all was the realisation of the Mycelial Plane. The luminescence and design were truly alien and you could imagine another species living within this unique ecosystem.

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