Shadow Captain – By Alastair Reynolds

Shadow Captain is the sequel to a new series of books by Alastair Reynolds set in a new universe. Reynolds is a master of the space opera, his back catalogue is filled with interesting characters and well imagined civilisations. The Revenger series is no different. The first book in the series established the new universe... Continue Reading →

The Expanse – A TV review

Season 3 of The Expanse has just dropped on Amazon Prime after being canned on Netflix. This show is perhaps the best modern Sci-fi on television. I first encountered the series through the novels and was very nervous about its translation to the screen. I need not have worried the showrunners imagining of the series... Continue Reading →

Nightflyers – A Review

Nightflyers is a Netflix original series based on a series of short stories by George RR Martin. This ten part series is an interesting one with a second series on the horizon. The show suffers from a couple of problems, mainly too many Sci-fi/horror tropes and some overly used plot points. Firstly their is an... Continue Reading →

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