The Orville Season 2

The Orville hits our screens last year to no little acclaim. It somehow captured the nostalgia for Star Trek that for many Discovery failed to. Many were curious how someone like Seth Macfarlane could pull off a science fiction comedy so obviously based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, both for legal reasons and the... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Discovery – New Eden

The phrase so far so good seems to sum up this second episode of the new season. This weeks offering was perhaps the most Star Trek like episode we have had to date. Whilst the mystery of the red bursts and Spocks disappearance were still a motivating factor the story was an independent one that... Continue Reading →

Bladerunner 2049 – A movie review

The original Bladerunner is rightly considered one of the most influential science fiction films ever made and sits alongside 2001 a Space Odyssey as a masterpiece of film history. The original was focused on a Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford who was a Bladerunner, a policeman tasked with tracking down rogue Replicants. Replicants are... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Discovery – Brother

This week Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery kicked off with an interesting first episode. We left the crew at the end of the Klingon War on their way to Vulcan to pick up their new Captain when the Enterprise appeared in dire need. Season 1 had its problems, there were issues with continuity both... Continue Reading →

Assassins Creed – Sci-fi and History

Assassins Creed is an immensely engaging and popular videogame franchise from the workshops of Ubisoft. It started in 2007 with its 11th game released December 2018. The whole franchise balances stealth, action, combat and story in to an enticing and time swallowing adventure. Ostensibly set during key historical periods, The Crusade, Renaissance Italy, War of... Continue Reading →

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