Mission Log – A podcast review

Mission Log is a long running Star Trek podcast ably helmed by Jon Champion and Ken Ray.

Starting out as an independent re-watch of Star Trek Jon and Ken added a twist to the usual format of commenting on each episode in sequence. As well as detailing each episodes plot they delve deeply into the morals and meanings of the show.

Having started in around 2012 they have reviewed every Star Trek episode and film in release order and are currently on Season 2 of Deep Space Nine. The two hosts are engaging and knowledgeable. They know and love trek and that comes across in all that they say. They are fans of the show but are not above calling out the shows failings and questioning its direction.

By examining the moral choices made in Star Trek they give a greater depth of understanding to the material and help give the episodes are wider context. The hosts have built up a wealth of contacts within the Roddenberry family and Star Trek alumni which contribute greatly to the shows weight and enjoyment.

Mission Log has expanded and expanded, they are now part of the Roddenberry Podcast Network, run Facebook Live shows, review the latest Discovery episodes and run quizzes at Sansar.

Mission Log is an ambitious project and Ken and Ray must be lauded for their work thus far. There are are 6 series and over 700 episodes in total with more on the way, to take on such a mammoth task is admirable and to do it with professionalism makes the task even more commendable.

To try the podcast for yourself visit Mission Log


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