Watership Down – A review

This year’s masterpiece of Christmas television has to have been the BBC’s adaptation of Watership Down. Some of you may question my inclusion of a review of this animated drama on a Fantasy and Sci-fi review site, but for me Watership Down contains some of the very best elements of fantasy elements, so bear with... Continue Reading →

Enterprise – a reappraisal

Whilst waiting for the return of Star Trek: Discovery I decided to do a limited re-watch of the last Star Trek series, Enterprise. I was excited by the premise of Enterpise, seeing Earth in a fledgling state following on from First Contact, through the Romulan War and into the founding of the Federation. Sadly the... Continue Reading →

Mission Log – A podcast review

Mission Log is a long running Star Trek podcast ably helmed by Jon Champion and Ken Ray. Starting out as an independent re-watch of Star Trek Jon and Ken added a twist to the usual format of commenting on each episode in sequence. As well as detailing each episodes plot they delve deeply into the... Continue Reading →

Arrival – A film review

'Arrival' is a 2016 science fiction film starring Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams and Forest Whitaker directed by Denis Villeneuve. The film is based on a short story by Ted Chaing. 'Arrival' is pitched as a thinking mans first contact film. Sci-fi's usual fare is marauding aliens but this is more thoughtful and focuses on how... Continue Reading →

The Wheel of Time – A book review

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan us a sequence of 15 fantasy books set in a late medieval world.  The series is epic in its scope. The world Jordan is rich and deep. Its mythology is well developed and well seated into the customs of the people. Jordan's approach to fantasy combines the winding... Continue Reading →

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