Midnight Texas – A TV Review

Midnight Texas is a show that crept up on me. It premiered last year and has recently started its second season. The series is adapted from a series of books by Charlaine Harris who is perhaps best none for her Southern Vampire Mysteries that became the TV series True Blood.

Whilst, I am a fan of the Supernatural the sex and violence of True Blood never really grabbed me but I decided to give Midnight Texas a chance. The pilot was engaging and I soon found myself a fan. The premise is of a town where all the washed up supernaturals end up, there is an Angel, a Demon, a Vampire, a WereTiger, a witch, an assassin and a psychic.

The story is told through these characters although primarily by the shows lead, the down and out psychic Manfed. Like in Sixth Sense he can see dead people and is able to communicate with them. This is no Ghost Whisperer, the themes are more adult and the stories more nuanced.

What I like is the fact that these supernatural creatures are neither good nor evil. Some fight their natures others embrace it. They have however, created a community and will do nearly anything to protect it. Is the characters that make the show, Manfred as the psychic is likeable and the Vampire Lem and the Reverend WereTiger are interesting characters that can be both menacing and intriguing.

I look forward to the rest of this series and hope that the quality continues.

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