Midnight Texas – A TV Review

Midnight Texas is a show that crept up on me. It premiered last year and has recently started its second season. The series is adapted from a series of books by Charlaine Harris who is perhaps best none for her Southern Vampire Mysteries that became the TV series True Blood. Whilst, I am a fan... Continue Reading →

The Seafort Saga: A book review

The Seafort Saga is a series of seven books by David Feintuch. The series follows the military career of Nicholas Seafort from Midshipmen in Earths Naval Service up to Presidency of the UN. Set at the end of the 22nd Century the series is compared by most to being 'Hornblower in Space' and this is... Continue Reading →

Extinction – A film review

Extinction is a Netflix film released in July 2018. It features Micheal Pena as a busy father who has visions of an alien invasion that come true. The start of the film is somewhat slow and meandering as the familial relationships are set up. It looks contemporary however their are small clues that this is... Continue Reading →

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