Treks in Sci-fi – A podcast review

Treks in Sci-fi is a thoroughly entertaining podcast that I have come to be an avid listener to. The series is hosted by Rico began way back in 2005 and is still going strong.

One might assume it is mainly a star trek podcast and whilst this is Rico’s first love it is so much more than that. The podcasts appeal is not only the host but the range. Rico reports on all the movie and tv series news, he comments on sci fi output, does commentaries on Star Trek episodes and attends conventions.

On top of all this Rico is deeply embedded in the Sci-fi community and is happy to host episodes from other podcasts and allows guests on his own, particular favourites of mine are Jedi Jeff’s spaceship episodes and Marks classic sci-fi  film ones. This breadth adds a keen edge of variety.

Having been on for nearly 14 years means he has a healthy back catalogue which one can dive into. His supporting website is equally impressive and he has a very active forum.

All in all any fan of sci-fi would do well to listen to Rico.

Available from itunes.

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