Star Trek Shipyards Starfleet Ships 2151-2293 – A review

The Star Trek Shipyards is a new series of Encyclopedias of Star Trek ships from Eaglemoss Hero Collector. Eaglemoss are known for making die-cast models of the Star Trek starships which are accompanied by informative magazines.

The first volume of the encyclopedias, which will eventually cover Starfleet ships of all eras and move on to cover the various alien ships, looks at the early starships, covering The Original Series (TOS), Enterprise (ENT) and Discovery.

The book is reasonably priced and a hefty tome at over 170 pages. They are made well and beautifully illustrated with stills from the shows including CG artwork and VFX models.

For the dedicated Star Trek fan this book contains little new information outside of existing books or websites but it does collect a wide range of images and facts in one place. The sections covering TOS and ENT are detailed and go over ships in some depth even some which only have a few moments screentime.

The Discovery section, in contrast, is woefully insubstantial. All the ships are covered and its great to see close-ups of them, something we rarely got on screen. This is not necessarily Eaglemoss’ fault, there has only been one season of Discovery so far and precious little screen time for ships other than the Discovery itself. It was perhaps a mistake to release this volume first, it make sense chronologically but has less content than perhaps the TNG or DS9 eras.

Overall the book is not entirely worth it at the moment, I have great confidence that subsequent volumes will be excellent but the book would have been better if it had left the Discovery material until there was more available.

Shipyards is available from all good booksellers.


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