Trekyards – A Youtube Review

Trekyards is one of my go-to channels on YouTube, it may not be to everyone’s tastes but their mix of technology and knowledge is impressive.

The site is run by Captain Stuart Foley and Commander Samuel Cockings. The channel was set up in 2006 and now has over 44,000 subscribers and 1613 videos. The channels main focus is on the design of ships in the Star Trek Universe but over the years they have branched out to include technology reviews, ships from other series and reviews of the latest episodes.

The two hosts, one Canadian and the other British are engaging and sympathetic. They wear their Trek credentials proudly and have a depth of knowledge that is at times staggering. They understand the minutiae of star trek and have amazing research abilities upon which to base their detailed analyses of each ship design.

Stuart has a mind-boggling collection of fan art and models and even designed his own TOS era cruiser whilst Samuel is a whizz with CGI  and has created a wealth of images and clips for any number of fan films.

The content is particularly niche, you need an appreciation of the finer details of ship design and the pedantry of star trek detail, but struggle through that and you are left with an in-depth view of an iconic series from people with an obvious passion for the subject.

What puts this vidcast above others is not just the hosts, the level of detail but the first class guests. The pair of them have an amazing range of contacts in the industry including Larry Nemecek, Doug Drexler and Rick Sternbach, this gives their content a veracity that few else do.

If you want to know more check out their website and youtube channel.

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