Star Wars Stacks – A podcast review

 This is the first in a number of short posts I plan to make reviewing some of the podcasts I listen to on science fiction.

The Star Wars Stacks is a star wars book review podcast that has been running for about three years. Each month the three hosts, Chris, Jen and Jo review a star wars book. These books include those from the new canon and the old Expanded Universe. The team also review the movies and series and also discuss other aspects of sci-fi.

The podcasts approach is light and breezy and the three hosts exude a confident professionalism. They each obviously know there star wars lore and have a deep love of the franchise. They have a positive outlook on the books and films and askew the more controversial elements of fandom.

Their reviews are fair and the three of them each have their own take on the books they read. I think it would be fair to say they are more fans of the EU than the new canon books but they approach each book impartially and judge it on its merits. They have a conversational style and obviously have fun doing the show.

The format and audio quality are excellent and the podcast is divided into sections that include a spoiler-free zone for those that haven’t read the book and want to enjoy it themselves. The team go over the plot in some detail commenting along the way before finally drawing their thoughts together. Their wider Star Wars knowledge means that they can often contextualise the topics in terms of the wider universe and other novels.

The Stacks is a first class five star podcast and can be found on i-tunes or at SWStacks

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