Killjoys – Season 4

The enjoyable romp which is ‘Killjoys’, has returned to our screens for its fourth season on the SyFy channel.

Killjoys is a Canadian produced science fiction series that premiered in 2015. It was a refreshing take on the sci-fi drama that tackled some serious issues with heart and levity. The series follows three Bounty Hunters (Killjoys), Dutch, an assassin with a dark past, and brothers John and D’avin one a tech wizard and the other an ex-soldier.

The series was created by Michelle Lovretta who also writes many of the scripts. She is no stranger to sleeper successes having written and produced SyFy’s surprise hit ‘Lost Girl’ and with writing credentials for ‘Mutant X’ and ‘Relic Hunter’. It features a well-developed future in which one solar system, called The Quad, made up of 4 planets and moons is administered by rich families and corporations. Other systems exist in the universe but are rarely touched upon. The military power and law enforcement in each system are handled by the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (RAC) which seem to be able to act carte blanche to apprehend villains as stated by the Company.

Our three heroes start out as bounty hunters for the RAC and roam around The Quad executing a warrant. This first season gave us a good look at the class system and established the rule of the universe we were being shown and introduced us to interesting secondary characters. The weekly dynamic of the three leads was interesting but there was always the allusion to something more, and more we got.

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Season 2 and 3 really upped the tempo, just when we thought we knew the show’s niche it was shifted with the addition of the Hullen, hybrid humans bonded with a neuro-parasite called ‘The Green’. This presented an existential threat to the Quad as a whole and the wider universe. We had gone from small-time law enforcement to underground rebellion and open warfare.

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Killjoys is a joy to watch, it is flash, fast-paced and entertaining. The dynamic between the three leads is excellent and the actors play well off each other. The familial relationships involving Dutch, her father and clone of herself is a tad confusing at times which presents a problem for a new viewer but this can be the same for jumping into the middle of any series. The series likes to turn things on its head and what you think is going to happen may not be actually what does. According to SyFy, Killjoys has a 5 season arc and it will be interesting to see how the series continues to develop.

You can catch Killjoys on Monday nights at 9pm on SyFy

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