Battlestar Galactica Model – A review

Eaglemoss is carving out quite a niche as a premier level model provider. I first came across the company when they began to sell an extensive range of Star Trek models. An officially licensed range of diecast models of every starship ever seen in Star Trek, their range has expanded to cover partworks covering graphic novels, watches and miniature figurines from IP’s as diverse as the Walking Dead, The Hobbit, Dr Who and now Battlestar Galactica.


The reimagined Battlestar Galactica series produced by Ronald D.Moore from 2004 was an amazing series with great graphics and a superb range of iconic ship models and it was a ‘no brainer’ that I would have to buy the Battlestar when it came out.

The model arrived this week in a well-protected box as a single cast piece with a transparent Perspex stand. The model is 25cm long. It is made from a mixture of die-cast metal and high-quality ABS polymer which is then hand painted.

The detail is exceptional, fans of the ship and show will instantly recognise the ventral rail guns, sensor arrays and engine assemblies. The colonial iconography and paintwork are well painted and clear. The Galactica we see in the show is old and battered and the model reflects this well, faithfully depicting the appearance of the ship in the show, with exposed hull work and missing armour plating.


One disappointing feature is the four sublight engines. Each looks great on the outside but on the rear view, the exhaust vents are black coloured. I would have preferred a lightning blue colour or electric white to represent the engines in action but this is a minor point given the rest of the model.


The model is accompanied by an interesting 16-page A5 collector magazine with design specs, ship profile, a behind the scenes look at how the ship was designed for the show including alternative design options and lastly an interview with showrunner Ronald D. Moore. The magazine isn’t as detailed as the ones that accompany Star Trek models which contain much more information, but this could be due to licensing issues.

The final consideration of the model is, unfortunately, a negative, the price. I daresay that £44.99 is a fair price for the size and materials of the model, the smaller Star Trek models retail at £14.99 and have, in comparison, much less detail but in contrast a much better magazine. The price is suited to a one of purchase rather than a subscription to the full line up. The ‘Galactica’ is Eaglemosses third release following a Viper Mark II and a Cylon Raider. A Viper Mk I is due in September but I will be waiting for Colonial One for my next purchase and perhaps a Raptor.

In conclusion, the model is of exceptional quality and is a worthy addition to any display area despite the price. I look forward to further output from Eaglemoss.

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