Killjoys – Season 4

The enjoyable romp which is ‘Killjoys’, has returned to our screens for its fourth season on the SyFy channel. Killjoys is a Canadian produced science fiction series that premiered in 2015. It was a refreshing take on the sci-fi drama that tackled some serious issues with heart and levity. The series follows three Bounty Hunters... Continue Reading →

The Beyond – A review

‘The Beyond’ is a 2017 film by Hasraf Dullul released on Netflix in August 2018. Set in the near future the films story is told via a documentary style which follows a talking heads format to explain what is happening. The story involves the appearance of a strange void in orbit which begins to eject... Continue Reading →

Thor: Ragnarok – A review

Marvel can safely be said to be the most successful comic book brand to make the move to movies. DC and Marvel the two main adversaries in the field have long been in a war with the various collections of superheroes and up until the Avengers, DC could be said to have been winning the... Continue Reading →

Battlestar Galactica Model – A review

Eaglemoss is carving out quite a niche as a premier level model provider. I first came across the company when they began to sell an extensive range of Star Trek models. An officially licensed range of diecast models of every starship ever seen in Star Trek, their range has expanded to cover partworks covering graphic... Continue Reading →

What Star Trek needs is a good video game.

Star Wars has always outperformed its sci-fi rival when it comes to computer games. I have spent many hours playing X-wing, Tie Fighter, Battlefront and Knights of the Old Republic. Lucasarts built a library of games that covered flight sims, strategy, MMO, first-person shooter and first-person light saber'er but Star Trek has always stumbled despite... Continue Reading →

Picard the Next Iteration

As a Star Trek fan starting up a Science Fiction comment blog site it would be extremely remiss of me if I did not at least remark on the news that Patrick Stewart will be reprising his role as Jean Luc Picard. This teased about announcement came out of the Star Trek Las Vegas convention... Continue Reading →

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